Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Six Simple Raw Food Storage Tips

Making Your Food Last Longer By Storing It Correctly

My apologies for not posting for almost a month, I've been very busy with work.

Anyway, here's a resourceful video from Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of Rawfully Organic. She has 6 people living with her at her HQ in Houston, Texas. The temperatures down there in the deep south can get right up there, I know about that as I lived in Austin Texas back in 2000.

Between Kristina and her roomates they own 8 fridges which must mean her energy bill is through the roof every month. Anyway with members of her "Rawfully Organic" co-op now topping over 6000, I'm sure she can afford the occasional stratospheric electricity bill :)

Her first handy tip is to store your greens in biodegradable bags, the rest are listed in order below.

I hope you enjoy watching the video.

A) Bag Your Greens to Keep Them Fresh
B) Rotate Your Food
C) Store Your Fruits and Vegetables Separately
D) Keep the Room Temperature Consistent

E) Prepare Only as Needed
F) RawFood is Tasty but it is Not Immortal!

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