Sunday, 28 October 2012

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Everyone knows that by eating healthy, our bodies work better and we feel less sluggish. You can hide your head in the sand and claim ignorance, but the truth of the matter is, eating healthy is often inconvenient. Organic foods and convenience can make a happy pair, when you know where to look. Real Foods Company, located in Edinburgh, Scotland, has been delivering wholesome products for over 30 years. Stop procrastinating and start eating healthier by placing your order online. It's as fast and simple as that.

No Lacklustre Veggies

How many times have you visited the market and came away without your fresh fruits and veggies? Perhaps these fresh goods look lacklustre and less than appealing, or the price is significantly higher than expected. You can bypass this decision by ordering a fresh fruit and vegetable box from Real Foods. The organic selection will be delivered right to your doorstep and the contents, fresh, crunchy and appealing.

Cultural Variety

Some stores offer an aisle of cultural cuisine, but many times the contents contain gluten and other additives, that should not be part of your diet. Standing in a store, reading label after label, can turn you off of healthy eating, in a hurry. Expert buyers at Real Foods have years of experience in knowing what your body wants and needs. Regardless of your ethnicity, the choices are vast and organic.

Winter Gifts and Cooking

Holidays always ruin a diet with rich, unhealthy foods that leave you feeling bloated for weeks. This year, don't settle for providing foods to family and friends that make them give up healthy eating. You will find a host of tantalizing recipes at that use organic ingredients, all available through the online store.

Winter is a great time to introduce your loved ones to healthy eating by filling a basket with goodies, like flavoured biscuits, drinks and marmalade, that are gluten-free, organic and delicious. Better yet, give a gift certificate and let your recipient select their own foods. You will also find other items, such as clothes, beauty and body care, candles, and perfumes that will take care of your shopping list, quickly.

Delivering to Your Door

Eating healthy does not have to be difficult when you have a company that takes all the work out of shopping. Prices are competitive and the delivery is free when you live on the GB Mainland. Whether you are looking to improve your diet, start living a greener life, or just want to find more convenience in buying fresh foods, visiting is a terrific way to start.

To learn more about the store, you can watch the video below by their events manager, Ben.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

To Filter Or Not To Filter

Do Water Filters Make a Difference?

In our increasingly health-conscious society, there has been a move towards filtering water before drinking it. As well as comprehensive water filters, there are filters that can be fitted onto showerheads and even water bottles with built-in filters available on the market. But is filtered water better than plain old tap water or is it just another health fad?

The Taste Test Aside altogether from health concerns, many people prefer the taste of filtered water. The tap water in people's homes can sometimes have a slightly unpleasant taste or odour. This is probably due to residual elements in the water, which can be removed by a filter. By removing these elements, you get rid of the unpleasant taste which could result in greater water consumption.

As we are supposed to drink about a gallon of water a day, improving the taste of the water from your tap may encourage you to drink the amount of water your body needs, keeping you in good shape.

So What do Filters Remove? 

Tap water usually carries traces of chlorine, toxins and even lead, all of which can pose health hazards in the long-run, particularly for pregnant women, young children or people with compromised immune systems, such as those undergoing chemotherapy.

By filtering the water you drink, you are removing these trace elements and protecting your own health as well as that of the people you live with. In addition to health risks, chlorine in water can have a damaging effect on hair and skin, making hair look lifeless and drying out skin. After washing with filtered water for a while, you should notice subtle differences in your appearance.

 Filtered Water Over Bottled Water

Another consideration is the amount of money spent on bottled water. Perhaps you buy bottled water for the home because the tap water doesn't taste good or perhaps you buy it with your lunch or when you're on the go instead of bringing a bottle from home. Either way, although drinking water regularly is great for your health, it may shock you to find out that buying bottled water is terrible for the environment.

The amount of oil needed to produce the rows upon rows of bottled water stocked in supermarkets and shops internationally is phenomenal, not to mention the fuel required to transport bottles in trucks from here to there.

As if that isn't bad enough, most of these bottles are not recycled and end up gathering in their thousands in landfills. So, by bringing water from home, you're doing your bit for the environment without realising it! It seems that filtered water gets the vote of approval for taste, as well as being beneficial for your health, your appearance and even the environment.

This article was written by dietician Martina Fitzmaurice on behalf of a lead supplier of water filters.

Six Simple Raw Food Storage Tips

Making Your Food Last Longer By Storing It Correctly

My apologies for not posting for almost a month, I've been very busy with work.

Anyway, here's a resourceful video from Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of Rawfully Organic. She has 6 people living with her at her HQ in Houston, Texas. The temperatures down there in the deep south can get right up there, I know about that as I lived in Austin Texas back in 2000.

Between Kristina and her roomates they own 8 fridges which must mean her energy bill is through the roof every month. Anyway with members of her "Rawfully Organic" co-op now topping over 6000, I'm sure she can afford the occasional stratospheric electricity bill :)

Her first handy tip is to store your greens in biodegradable bags, the rest are listed in order below.

I hope you enjoy watching the video.

A) Bag Your Greens to Keep Them Fresh
B) Rotate Your Food
C) Store Your Fruits and Vegetables Separately
D) Keep the Room Temperature Consistent

E) Prepare Only as Needed
F) RawFood is Tasty but it is Not Immortal!