Sunday, 12 August 2012

Raw Diet Q&A

Musings of Rabbits And Bananas

The following questions and answers session was taken from a 1997 interview with Stephen Arlin and David Wolfe who were co-writers of one of the first raw food books on the market.
 In the following interview the conversation falls upon the topic of red meat:

".....Could you imagine yourself nude, barefoot, with no tools or fire, trying to tackle a wild animal, kill it, and eat its guts out?! Eating animals is not in our biology. Think about it, if you gave a child a banana and a rabbit, it would eat the banana and play with the rabbit every time....."

Great point although not everyone will agree. In my opinion if you also gave most adults a banana and a rabbit, they would also eat the banana and play with the rabbit, or more likely fry up some banana fritters and entomb the rabbit in a hutch as those pesky droppings can get all over the house :)
You can read more at the raw food Q and A

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