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14k Yellow Gold Garnet 8-9mm Cranberry Cultured Pearl Bracelet Size 7 5in BBCUXHFBL

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❤ Ideal bracelet for you to say. This gift touches the heart of one for you to wear, to be an unforgettable love.Tree of life bracelet made of 9 carat yellow gold 375° fine gold is easy to wear. It is made for all occasions: elegant, thought-out and completely glamour.This women's bracelet comes in an elegant case and with a gull chain for labelling by Je t' aime.Let yourself be seated by this beautiful women's bracelet, made in France, made in & # x1 F1eb; & # x1 F1 F7, which offers you the jewellery of ghaum Paris. Equipped with a 19 cm long adjustable chain. Weight of the bracelet 1.76 grams, can leave any beauty behind.& # x1 F449; & # x1 F3fb; 2 year guarantee - delivery in 24 hours / 48 hours working days and shipping with sweet letters under cardboard envelope, both from Colissimo Tracking

& # x1 F4 a0; ghaum between tradition and modern
House house, high-quality jeweller's house according to strict traditors, it has led the most modern parts to access your creations to its customers.
& # x1 F4 a0; luxury item at a fair price.
The artisan masters from ghaum offer you the original and luxurious creations at the right price. Luxurious access to all with impeccable manufacturing and a special service.
Let yourself be adorned by this beautiful bracelet that presents the jewellery from ghaum jewellery for you and me. Equipped with a 19cm chain that resets all the beauty on the happy Eletta. Comes in an elegant jewellery pouch, this necklace is an ideal gift to show your love.

14k Yellow Gold Garnet 8-9mm Cranberry Cultured Pearl Bracelet Size 7 5in BBCUXHFBL

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